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Roles / Expectations

Consumers and Family Members will:

  • Have a responsibility to reach out to those in the community that do not currently have a voice and are not involved, such as consumers with concurrent disorders, homeless people, all age groups, those in acute or chronic phases of their illness.
  • Actively participate in discussions at the meetings.
  • Participate in other related MH&SU committees if possible.

MH&SU Managers will:

  • Attend the CAC on a monthly basis (or send a delegate)
  • Seek active dialog with members in regard to mental health services within the community and encourage input and advice on how to better deliver these services.
  • Utilize the CAC in the development, implementation and evaluation of mental health services within the community; this would include input on proposed changes to the MH&SU services.
  • Follow up on recommendations made by the CAC.
  • Report back to the CAC on the progress of any recommendations made by the CAC.
  • Bring forward Fraser Health wide information to the CAC that affect consumers and families within the community, listen to their feedback and bring that feedback to the person(s) responsible for the document, such as Mental Health Plans, Accreditation, and Fraser Health changes.
  • Communicate with the chairperson on a monthly basis (or as needed) to set agenda and review the current status of issues that have been raised.
  • Utilize members of the CAC on other Mental Health and Substance Use committees

Service Providers will:

  • Listen to hear what is happening in the community and disseminate the information to their individual organizations, clients and partners.
  • Collaborate with other service providers to help meet the needs of consumers and families.
  • Strive to address emerging issues in the community as they are heard at the CAC meetings.
  • Receive feedback from consumers and families about how their services are being received in the community.